Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The Great Commission is the joyful act of obedience to simply go and share the Good News of Christ. Where you go is up to God, but we desire to be a people who are dependent upon Him as he sends us out into the world. We partner with various ministry organizations and individual(s) not only globally but also locally. We understand that as much work in Jesus' Name happens outside of where we live, there are also ministry opportunities that exist right outside our front door. 

Active Ministry Partnerships

Click on any of these graphic links below which will direct you to these different ministry websites to give you a better understanding of what they do for the Kingdom with an option to give financially if you feel led. It's an honor to partner with these local and global ministries!


Craig & Allison Fowler
Mark Boggess

Encourage our active missionaries

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